Spatiotemporal dynamics of the coastal ocean biogeochemical domains of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska – following the migration route of juvenile salmon

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Institution: University of Victoria
Theme: Environmental change
Area of Vulnerability: Marine ecosystems/living resources

Principal investigator

Maycira Costa, University of Victoria


Brian Hunt, Yvonne Coady, Laura Cowen, Julie LaRoche


Cycle II, co-funded by Ocean Networks Canada

This project aims to quantify the spatial and temporal variability of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the coastal oceans from BC to SE Alaska, defined as Coastal Ocean Biogeochemical Provinces (COBPs), along the main migration route of different species of juvenile salmon. Analysis will incorporate satellite products from the past two decades, in situ sampling from vessels of opportunity, research cruises, cabled observatories, aquaculture industry surveys, citizen science, and oceanographic and riverine archived data. The outcomes of this project will be translated into actions that impact management practices by the government, industry, and other organization.