Webinar: Fathom—Industry insights into flood hazard modelling methods

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Join the Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum on Monday, March 22 at 9am PST/12pm EST/ 1pm AST for its webinar Fathom—Industry insights into flood hazard modelling methods.

Fathom was formed out of the University of Bristol Hydrology Research Group, a world-leading authority in modelling flood risk. Since then, the company has grown significantly and now works with insurers, international development agencies, conservation agencies, academics, emergency responders and multi-national corporations on a global basis. In the face of the increasing challenges posed by climate change, this commitment ensures they are providing their customers and partners with market-leading flood models based on the latest science. Fathom has recently launched Fathom-US 2.0, a comprehensive national-scale model that combines inland, fluvial, pluvial and coastal flooding under a 2020 climate scenario rather than solely relying on historical records. The complex data analytics and model coverage enables a variety of stakeholders to confidently forecast flood risk and implement the appropriate mitigation measure.

Presenter: Dr. Andrew Smith, Chief Operations Officer at Fathom

Andrew is one of the co-founders and directors at Fathom. He completed a PhD at the University of Bristol in the UK. His research has focused on the development of flood hazard and risk models under future climate scenarios and at large scales, leading to numerous publications in this field. Since completing his PhD in 2014, Andrew undertook a post-doctoral research position at the University of Bristol before becoming COO at Fathom full-time in 2016.