Webinar: Managing Shipping Risk in Marine Protected Areas

By June 17, 2021No Comments

This next event in the Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum (CMSRF) webinar series on shipping risk will explore topics related to the management and regulation of marine shipping activities in Canada’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

This session (Thursday, June 24 at 11am PDT) will feature a presentation on the new toolkit – Reducing Impacts from Shipping in Marine Protected Areas: A Toolkit for Canada – prepared by WWF-Canada, West Coast Environmental Law and East Coast Environmental Law. This toolkit has been developed to address barriers in Canada’s existing marine protections to adequately mitigate the risk posed by shipping, to share the impacts of shipping in MPAs and to identify the tools that MPA practitioners and shipping experts can use to reduce those impacts in Canada. It also includes resources on the impacts of shipping, the legal framework for shipping in MPAs, available legal tools, and case studies.

The webinar will also include a presentation from Transport Canada on the Management and Regulation of Shipping Activities in Canada to help participants understand Transport Canada’s mandate and responsibilities for shipping safety.